Tobias Brühne first came up with the idea of ​​rethinking housing and living in big cities in 2018, when he was still the Chief Customer Officer at HelloFresh. The former start-up around cook boxes had to find and onboard a three-digit number of employees that year. When the recruiting machinery started up, the real problem for the young company quickly became apparent: the applicants had great difficulty finding accommodation. The worldwide trend of urbanization and the steadily increasing rents as well as the lack of housing and its consequences have not only reached Berlin, but also the companies based here.

Hasib Samad noticed the same challenges, while working as Head of Mobile at N26. When a friend brought Hasib and Tobias together, the two former WHU students quickly agreed: the real challenge for young professionals moving to Germany is not just the lengthy process of finding an apartment, but also the limited range of apartments in big cities. Since the latter could not be changed in the near future, Tobias and Hasib came up with the idea of ​​making optimal use of living space through new forms of co-living: Since then, GoLiving has primarily supported companies in finding accommodation for newly recruited employees by providing fully equipped apartments with a community-oriented full service offer.

The residents of the often more than 4-room apartments enjoy the convenience of  hassle free living: While GoLiving takes care of all household-related services, members can take part in joint leisure events via the associated member app or become active for the community.

A convincing concept: In addition to numerous start-ups, well-known market leaders such as Ebay, Google and PricewaterhouseCoopers rely on the service of the co-living provider.

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